Investigation: Biobank

Final report: PCM Report – Biobanking

Investigator: Bengt Fundin



A prerequisite for personalised cancer medicine (PCM) and associated PCM research is comparable, high-quality samples available for diagnosis and research. An efficient biobank organization within the healthcare system with Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) for liquid and tissue biopsy procurement, storage and processing is necessary to perform PCM in Stockholm.


The major challenges for building a biobank organization to support PCM and future PCM research are:

  1. To build a center of excellence biobank organization that supports researchers, care providers and pharma industry
  2. To build a biobank organization and infrastructure within the healthcare system with dedicated resources for biobanking
  3. To ensure a long-term financing of the biobank organization
  4. To ensure that high-quality samples and documentation meet the required demands of future analytic platforms
  5. To build a systematic sampling process and infrastructure within health programs to make relevant sample collections available for PCM and future PCM research
  6. To set up and prepare accurate capacity for handling and storing of biobank samples
  7. To build national and international networks to support collaborations and larger cohorts of patients

The investigation includes interviews and surveys with stakeholder representatives, decision makers, key opinion leaders, biobank organizations and national cancer program initiatives. Stockholm medical biobank is currently building an organization to support PCM in Stockholm and the work will be documented and reported within this investigation. A ongoing project in the Stockholm 4D-program for breast cancer aims to create a system for systematic biobanking and will serve as a pilot for other cancer diagnoses.