The Personalised Cancer Medicine (PCM)-program at Karolinska Institutet (KI) is a research-based initiative to implement modern, individualised cancer treatment. It is organised by the KICancer research network. The purpose of the program is to facilitate PCM-related cancer research and future personalised cancer management in clinical routine practice.

The focus of all activities is to create synergistic structures in between existing and future research and health care facilitates. By funding and studying four pilot research projects and investigating six areas of special importance new data will continuously be produced and guide the strategic decisions.

Areas of potential excellence at KI will be identified. Their development wlll be assessed according to the criteria set by European Academy of Cancer Sciences (EACS).

We aim to establish a comprehensive infrastructure pipeline for early clinical trials so as to facilitate the build up of a Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC). Such a structure will coordinate efforts of KI with those of the Karolinska University Hospital in accordance with the criteria for CCCs established by OECI.

The PCM program is led by the program director Dr Claes Karlsson who reports to the PCM steering group. Associated to the program is also the PCM reference group with a wide range of clinicians and cancer researchers active in the PCM field.